Generate Leads & Sales, Not Just Likes!

Social Media Marketing has evolved from a great place to increase branding, client interactions and education to a genuine sales and lead generator.  Read on to see how we do it.

Results Matter

Social Media Marketing has changed! It is no longer good enough to just develop great content & engagement. Leads & sales matter the most. Our focus is on increasing conversions and decreasing your Cost Per Aquisition. 

Relationships Matter

We are passionate about growing business. We want to keep you at the forefront of the ever-changing world of Social Media Marketing. Our Social Marketing Specialists each maintain a small portfolio of clients, ensuring personalised and high quality service.  

Price Matters

We believe in value.  We believe in being affordable.  We believe in being measurable.  

  • Simple, Inclusive Pricing
  • No Lock In Contracts - We Are Performance Based 
  • All Budgets, Large & Small 

"Thank you to Andy and the team at Social Matters. Whilst participating on The Voice it became apparent that engaging and attracting new fans via social media played a critical role in your success on the show.

With call to action posts and targeted campaigns I was able to capture more likes and turn them into votes. Understanding who my supporters were and their demographic meant I could create meaningful content with maximum impact and response. I can't thank Andy enough for navigating me through the art of social media and ensuring I was maximizing my time whilst gaining the greatest results. All whilst staying true to myself and allowing my audience to share in my journey. Navigating Social Media can be overwhelming but leveraging Social Matters expertise meant I could concentrate on what I do best knowing they are keeping abreast of the changing rules and trends and exploiting them all in my favour. "

Amber Nichols, 'The Voice' Finalist, Amber Nichols Music

"Thank-you Andy for the amazing service you provide to my business. Since putting you in charge of all things Facebook my business has gone from strength to strength! I cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone wanting to invest in their business. You have made the effort to get to know my business and clientele so well the results speak for themselves."

Rachel Jenner, Owner Asleep & Dreaming

What our clients Say

"Cannot recommended Social Matters enough! Andy has a very in depth knowledge of social media and advertising that allows him to specifically target niche demographics. We have seen a growth in our client base of 53% in the year we have worked with Social Matters"

Lachlan Fyfe, Owner Raising The Bar Calisthenics

"I'm an expert in nutrition, not online marketing and social media management, which is why I am extremely glad to have found Andy at Social Matters. Andy creates effective online marketing strategy, and guides me in many aspects of my business growth and development. Do yourself a favour and work with Andy."

Sally Mitchell, Owner Food To Fit


Targeted advertising to reach those most likely to convert into clients.


Optimise for conversions based on real data.


Take the guesswork out of what is working. 

Our Process



Conversion Tracking

Landing Pages

Cover Images

Call To Action Buttons

Professsional Setup

At Social Matters we are obsessed by growing Australian businesses via Social Media.  With the speed of change in the market, we feel it is vital to utilise the newest features and tools.  

We are digital marketing professionals who believe Social Media should be about generating leads and sales.  We believe Return On Investment matters.  We believe measurable results matter.  We believe good content and engagement should support your lead generation, not BE your lead generation.

Social Matters are all about results.  We back ourselves, and have no lock in contracts. We are passionate about growing your business.   

From Start-ups to established business, we would love to have a chat about how we can help you.

About us


We pride ourselves on providing affordable pricing.  We don't lock you into a contract as we believe you will stay with us based on performance.  There is a reason Social Matters retains over 98% of our client base!   Contact us today if you would like a quote.

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